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Dr. Julie Bullock Equine Dentistry understands the unique relationship between horse and rider. We treat our horses like royalty and will roll out the red carpet for yours, too. 


Our practice is dedicated to Routine and Advanced Equine Dentistry. More recently, we have expanded the practice to include both podiatry and lameness cases.


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About our practice

About our practice:

Dr. Julie Bullock is an experienced veterinarian who is committed to staying on the cutting edge of current therapies and innovative technology. This allows her to best serve your horse's each and every need. We use only the most advanced veterinary procedures to treat your horse. We treat a wide array of horses from that special old retiree living in a field to upper level performance horses that travel regularly.

Our Services

Our services:

Services include consultations, diagnosis, and treatment of equine dental disease along with lameness and podiatry work. Our team are committed to preserving and restoring your animals overall health and general well being.  Dr. Julie Bullock uses the latest state of the art equipment to better serve your four-legged friend.




The most imperative part of dentistry is an annual oral exam as regular preventative care is required and should be stressed.


A proper oral exam ususally requires sedation, a mouth Speculum, and LightMirrors are also expecially helpful as they allow us to view the chewing surface of the teeth. Without these elements, subtle ailments which include fractures of the tooth surface can easily be missed.


Specific dentistry services include; an oral examination, routine equilibration (commonly known as floating), bit seats, incisor evaluation and relignment, molar malocclusion correction, extractions, diagnosis and treatment of peridontal disease as well as sinus infections. 




Dr. Bullock dedicates her time and practice to managing lame horses, out of balance foot problems and lamenitis. Often she is called when an owner is at wits-end and tired of antibiotics or mis-diagnosis. By using her knowledge from various podiatry classes she tries new methods to save, cure and help your horse. If you feel like you have tried just about everything or you are just beginning to see podiatry or lame problems in your horse, Dr. Bullock may be the answer you are looking for to help cure or manage your best friend.




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